Authors: H.N. Hayhoe, R.G. Pellelier and S.M. Moggridge
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 34 (1992)

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Description: It is important to identify regions where the potential for winter and spring erosion is high to plan the most appropriate control procedure. Soil freeze-thaw cycles and rainfall on bare frozen soils are two events that have been found to increase soil erosion potential. In this study, measurements of soil temperature, snow on the ground and rainfall from seven climatological stations across Canada are used to quantify the frequency of freeze-thaw cycles and rainfall on soil frozen beneath the surface. The gamma distribution is shown to provide a useful model for the cumulative frequency and to quantify risk. Harrow, ON is found to have the highest frequency and amount of rain on frozen soil fol lowed by Charlottetown, PEL The data for Swift Current, SK and Beaverlodge, AB indicate a low risk of rain on frozen soil. Swift Current, however, had the highest frequency of freeze-thaw cycles.

Citation: H.N. Hayhoe, R.G. Pellelier and S.M. Moggridge 1992. ANALYSIS OF FREEZE-THAW CYCLES AND RAINFALL ON FROZEN SOIL AT SEVEN CANADIAN LOCATIONS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 34(2):135-142.
Volume: 34
Issue: 1
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Date: 1992
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