Authors: J.B. Boisvert, J.A. Dyer, R. Lagace and P.A. Dube
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 34 (1992)

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Description: An empirical sub model that can be included in multi-layered soil moisture budget models was developed for predicting the watertable depth. Two years of field observations at three drained sites near St. Hyacinthe, PQ were used to calibrate the sub-model. Another year of observations from two of these sites and one year at an undrained site near Ottawa, ON were used to validate it. The required coefficients for the watertable model included the porosity of subsoil below the rooting depth, the outflow rate and the maximum watertable depth. The watertable sub-model realistically reflected watertable fluctuation observations throughout the growing season during the test years. The sub-model showed good potential to be used as a means of predicting and analyzing watertable depths throughout the St.Lawrence Low lands, where excess soil moisture and chronically high watertables have been a major problem in agriculture. However, it can not be used at the present time to evaluate the capillary rise contributions of the watertable to the root zones and crop growth.

Citation: J.B. Boisvert, J.A. Dyer, R. Lagace and P.A. Dube 1992. ESTIMATING WATERTABLE FLUCTUATIONS WITH A DAILY WEATHER-BASED WATER BUDGET APPROACH. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 34(2):115-124.
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Date: 1992
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