Authors: P. Savoie, S. Beauregard and C. Lague
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 34 (1992)

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Description: Fresh alfalfa was superconditioned by shearing through a series ofmacerating rolls and by compression into a thin mat of thickness ranging between 5 and 14 mm. The total time for the forage mat to reach 20% moisture in laboratory conditions similar to sunny outside climate varied between 6 and 17 h depending on forage maturity, mat density (yield), maceration severity and mat compres sion pressure. Minimum maceration and mat compression pressures were adequate to reach rapid drying. To dry hay in a day, the density of the forage mat should not be greater that 0.45 kg dry matter (DM)/m for young, prebloom alfalfa and 0.70 kg DM/m for mature, full bloom alfalfa.

Citation: P. Savoie, S. Beauregard and C. Lague 1992. FORAGEMATMAKING: MACERATION,PRESSURE AND DENSITY EFFECTS ON DRYING. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 34(1):69-74.
Volume: 34
Issue: 1
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Date: 1992
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