Authors: Y. Choiniere and J.A. Munroe
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 35 (1993)

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Description: Inside temperatures and estimated ventila tion rates based onCO2 measurements were compared ina naturally ventilated barnundersummer conditions usingridgeopening widths of 0, 25, and 125 mm. Only minimal inside to outside temperature differences were measured for any ridge opening width during the day. There were higher frequencies of high ventilation rates with either the 25 or 125 mm wide ridge opening as compared to the closed ridge, however, the estimated ventilation rates were greater than one air change per minute 80, 87, and 92% ofthe time for the 0, 25, and 125 mm ridge opening widths, respectively. The size of sidewall and ridge openings required for summer ventilation could therefore be based on wind effects alone since thermal buoyancy effects are considered to be negligible.

Citation: Y. Choiniere and J.A. Munroe 1993. EFFECT OF RIDGE OPENING WIDTH ON NATURAL VENTILATION PERFORMANCE DURING SUMMER. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 35(4):281-287.
Volume: 35
Issue: 4
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Date: 1993
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