Authors: L. GAUTHIER
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 35 (1993)

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Description: An object-oriented software system (GX) representing a new and unique approach to the simulation of greenhouseheat and mass exchanges is described. Its main charac teristic is that it greatly facilitates the study of the effect of control strategies on heat and mass balances. It thus allows for the develop ment and validation of optimization strategies in which a dynamic behavior is desired. Its second characteristic is that it encapsulates the real time and simulation systems into a single structure. Hence, the code written to study the effect of a strategy on the greenhouse climate and energy use can be deployed and used for the real time operation of a greenhouse. Such a functionality is madepossible by the use of the Smalltalk programming language which is an openended, object-oriented programming and runtime environment. The technology used in GX represents an alternative to conventional programming approaches, it enables the rapid development of new procedures and techniques andfacilitates thetransfer of knowledge to the end user. As such, it is strategic to the development of a "knowledge-based" agriculture.

Citation: L. GAUTHIER 1993. An object-oriented greenhouse simulation software system - Part I: Architecture and functional description. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 35(3):215-222.
Volume: 35
Issue: 3
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Date: 1993
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