Authors: H.N. Hayhoe
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 36 (1994)

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Description: Win ter conditions associated with freezing, thawing, and soil moisture changes are important factors for a number of agricultural applica tions. In this study, the SHAW (Simultaneous Heat And Water) model was evaluated on predicting winter conditions (i.e., soil tem perature, moisture content, snow cover, and depth of frost penetration) at a natural snow covered site and a site with the snow removed for the winter season of 1983-1984. The model successfully estimated the observed snow depth, the temperature extremes, and changes in total and liquid water content. Observed maximum frost penetration was 1.02 m while the estimated was 1.04 m. The root meansquare (RMS) difference between simulated and measured soil temperature was< 1.5?C andbetween simulated andmeasured volu metric soil water content was < 0.04 m ?m" . The estimated last day with snow cover was within 2 days of die observed date. These results confirm the usefulness of the SHAW model to simulate these winter conditions.

Citation: H.N. Hayhoe 1994. FIELD TESTING OF SIMULATED SOIL FREEZING AND THAWING BY THE SHAW MODEL . Canadian Agricultural Engineering 36(4):279-285.
Volume: 36
Issue: 3
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Date: 1994
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