Authors: J.C. Jofriet and H. Fraser
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 36 (1994)

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Description: A field study of seven potato storage buildings and six hog bams insulated with sprayed-on polyurethane foam insula tion (PUFI) was carried out and compared with laboratory tests that showed that water will migrate into PUFI when subjected to a high water vapour pressure. Samples from one of the potato storage buildings were examined for moisture content using gamma spec trometry, visual inspection, and by drying and weighing. Samples from all other buildings were only tested by drying and weighing and by visual inspection. None of the hog bams had insulation that had become wet, although all stmctures were older than ten years. Two of the potato storage buildings had PUFI that was very wet to the point that the insulation value had reduced by about 50%. Two others had insulation with an average water content over one percent by volume, a significant amount of water. The remaining three potato storage buildings did not appear to be affected by the high moisture conditions inside.

Citation: J.C. Jofriet and H. Fraser 1994. FIELD EVALUATION OF WATER PENETRATION INTO SPRAYED-ON POLYURETHANE FOAM INSULATION. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 36(4):255-261.
Volume: 36
Issue: 3
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Date: 1994
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