Authors: B. Panneton and P.M. Roy
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 36 (1994)

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Description: In research on pesticide application technology, dyes and/or tracers are often added to the spray mixture. Dyes are used to enhance the contrast between stains made by droplets impinging on various surfaces while tracers allow for the measurement of the mass of liquid collected. This article quantifies the light and time stability of stains made by droplets of a spray mixture on Kromekote cards. The spray mixture was insecticide diluent ID585, 2% by volume Automate Red B dye, and 1% by volume tris (2-ethyl hexyl) phos phate (TEHP). The red dye provides a good contrast on white Kromekote cards. Using image analysis, the size of the stains of various initial diameters was monitored after solar exposure levels up to 2277 kJ/m and after storing the samples away from light under laboratory conditions (~21?C, uncontrolled relative humidity) forup to two months. Results showed that stain size was stable under all these conditions. The spray mixture is therefore well suited for research on physical aspects of pesticide application technology.

Citation: B. Panneton and P.M. Roy 1994. EFFECT OF SUNLIGHT AND STORAGE TIME ON STAIN SIZE OF A DYED SPRAY DILUENT. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 36(3):189-191.
Volume: 36
Issue: 2
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Date: 1994
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