Authors: Geeber, W.A., Misener, G.C. and Campbell, A.J.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 36 (1994)

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Description: An instrumentation system was developed and installed on a custom made tool carrier to measure the effects of seeding depth on the draft and vertical force acting on a double disk seeder. The system used a portable computer connected to a data logger. Conditioning instrumentation was designed to facilitate the interfacing ofthe transducers to the data logger. The data were collected at 70 Hz and stored for later analysis. The trials were conducted in fields with established sod conditions and uniform texture. A regression equation was developed which described the force-depth relationships of the draft and the vertical force acting on the opener. The depth of the opener was found to vary considerably from the theoretical value.

Citation: Geeber, W.A., Misener, G.C. and Campbell, A.J. 1994. AN INSTRUMENTATION SYSTEM FOR THE MEASUREMENT OF PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS OF A NO-TILL SEEDER. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 36(2):79-84.
Volume: 36
Issue: 1
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Date: 1994
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