Authors: W.H. Y.lng and S. Cenkowski
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 37 (1995)

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Description: The goodness-of-fit of the Halsey, Modified-Henderson, and Chung isothenn equations, as they were applied to 56 canola isothenns, is discussed. The Halsey equation was modified to improve the goodness- of-fit of these isotherms. The modified model is valid for equilibration temperatures between 3.5 and 75?C, relative humidities from 15 to 92% and moisture contents in the range of 4 to 23 % db. The canola was exposed to five drying-rewetting cycles and to dehydration temperatures of 25 and 50?C. The modified Halsey equation was found to be capable of expressing canola isothenns exposed to multiple drying and rewetting cycles. The dependency of temperature and drying-rewetting cycles was also examined. A mathematical equation that related the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) to equilibrium moisture content (EMC), equilibrium temperature, and drying-rewetting cycles is proposed.

Citation: W.H. Y.lng and S. Cenkowski 1995. ENHANCEMENT OF THE HALSEY EQUATION FOR CANOLA ISOTHERMS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 37(3):169-182.
Volume: 37
Issue: 3
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Date: 1995
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