Authors: E.Z. Jan, D. McCartney, Z. Mir, L. Hill, B. Berkenkamp and T. Wright
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 37 (1995)

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Description: Barley was harvested at 21.6% kernel moisture content (KMC) as high moisture barley (HMB) and at 14% KMC as dry barley (DB). Harvesting losses wereevaluated at various KMC by measuring cutting, pick-up, and combine losses. The HMB was stored using one of four systems: ammoniation, urea addition, vac uum storage, or silo bag. Grain temperatures were recorded for two months.The cutting loss was about 0.5% of the yield potential.The pick-up loss was negligible for the 3.66 mswath but it increased from 0.25% to 1% as KMC decreased from 32% to 13% in the 6.4 m swath. At the practical material other than grain (MOG) feedrate, the combining loss was about 0.25% higher for dry grain than HMB. Overall, harvesting losses were 1% lower for HMB than dry grain. The four storage systems preserved HMB equally well. Tempera tures remained under 40?Cexcept forthe ammoniation treatment in which a short rise to 101 ?C and fall back to 40 ?C within 10 h was recorded.

Citation: E.Z. Jan, D. McCartney, Z. Mir, L. Hill, B. Berkenkamp and T. Wright 1995. AN EVALUATION OF HARVESTING LOSSES AND LOW COST STORAGE SYSTEMS FOR HIGH MOISTURE BARLEY. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 37(1):13-17.
Volume: 37
Issue: 1
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Date: 1995
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