Authors: R.T. PatiL S. Sokhansanj, M.H. Khoslaghaza and L.G. Tabil. Jr.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 38 (1996)

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Description: 111C mechanical properties of alfalr.. cubes innucncc their chcwabilily and durability. Penetration wilh cylindrical probe. point load bending. and compression were selected 10 tCSllhc mechanical characteristics of cubes. For penetration and bending tesls, the load deformation relationship was expressed as modulus of defonllability and modulus of mpture. respectively. For compression lest the overall strain was measured. The crfect of crosshead specd. probe size. ,md oricntation of cubes for lcsting mechanical propcnies indicated that only probe diameter is an important factor. The method of penetralion with the cylindrical probe of 7.9 111m diameter at crosshcad speed 01'20 !lun/min was fOllnd suitable 10 specify rehuive hardness of alfalfa cubes.

Citation: R.T. PatiL S. Sokhansanj, M.H. Khoslaghaza and L.G. Tabil. Jr. 1996. COMPRESSION CHARACTERISTICS OF ALFALFA CUBES. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 38(3):195-200.
Volume: 38
Issue: 3
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Date: 1996
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