Authors: J. Zilu. D.S. Bundy. X. Li and N. Rashid
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 39 (1997)

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Description: A procedure for testing swine manure pit additive products in terms of the effectiveness of reducing malodor and volatile substances from a manure storage area is presented. This procedure combines many features of the past methods. It includes considerations in many respects to ensure that the test results correctly reflect the real performance of the pit additive products tested. This is necessary for providing reliable information to pork producers in selecting appropriate pit additive products for odor control. Five commercial pit additive products were tested using this procedure and the data for both odor threshold and liquid chemical analysis were obtained. Based on this study, all five products significantly reduced odor threshold levels as compared with the control samples. Four of the five products reduced odor threshold by 83% to 87% and the other reduced by 58%. Liquid chemical analysis showed that three of the five products accomplished significant reductions in volatile fatty acids. The reduction of aerial ammonia and hydrogen sulfide emissions was not determined.

Citation: J. Zilu. D.S. Bundy. X. Li and N. Rashid 1997. A PROCEDURE AND ITS APPLICATION IN EVALUATING PIT ADDITIVES FOR ODOR CONTROL. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 39(3):207-214.
Volume: 39
Issue: 3
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Date: 1997
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