Authors: B. Panncton, P.~M. Roy et R. Theriault
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 39 (1997)

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Description: A new droplet generator was designed to benefit from the aerodynamic effects and the kinematic of a liquid jet emitted from an orifice mounted on the wall of a rotating cylinder. Such an approach should pennit to reduce the minimum diameter of droplets generated from a fixed diameter orifice while maintaining a homogeneous distribution. The new droplet generator is described and the results of measures taken at various flow rates and various liquid jet excitation frequencies for a given orifice diameter show that work objectives were reached. It was demonstrated that: the instability of a liquid jet emitted from an orifice mounted at the periphery of a rotating cylinder can be excited and controlled with a piezoelectric crystal, the rotational motion gives droplets whose diameter is only 1.26 times the orifice diameter compared to 1.89 for a stationary jet, the increase of the ratio of the cylinder peripheral speed to the liquid radial speed up to a value of 1.7 gives a decrease in the dro plet size: the presence of satellites cannot be avoided but their proportion can be maintained under 3% of the sprayed volume.

Citation: B. Panncton, P.~M. Roy et R. Theriault 1997. EVALUATION D'UN NOUVEAU GENERATEUR DE GOUTTES MONODISPERSES. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 39(3):187-193.
Volume: 39
Issue: 3
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Date: 1997
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