Authors: 1. Edeogu. J. Feddes and J. Leonard
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 39 (1997)

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Description: Three methods of precooling fresh fruits and vegetables were tested, a vertically-directed forced-air cooling (VFC) treatment, a horizontally-directed forced-air cooling (HFC) treatment and a control, room cooling (CRC) treatment. Six boxes each, of carrots, lettuce, and strawberries were cooled by the three treatments. Cooling was conducted in a cold room with temperatures varying between OoC and 2?e. The airflow through the produce in the forced-air cooling treatments was adjusted to 2 Les-Iekg- I. Temperatures of the produce and the room were measured, mass losses determined, and quality of the produce evaluated. A modified cooling coefficient, Cern, was used to describe cooling. The rate of cooling under the VFC treatment was generally higher compared to the rate of cooling under the HFC treatment Average half-cooling times of the carrots, lettuce, and strawberries cooled under the VFC treatment were 31.6, 40.9, and 26.0 min, respectively, compared with 33.5, 62.7, and 57 min under the HFC treatment. The results also indicated that the HFC and?VFC treatments cooled the produce in about 25 to 50% less time than the CRC treatment. However, the least moisture loss occurred in the CRC treatment

Citation: 1. Edeogu. J. Feddes and J. Leonard 1997. COMPARISON BETWEEN VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL AIR FLOW FOR FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PRECOOLING. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 39(2):107-112.
Volume: 39
Issue: 2
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Date: 1997
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