Authors: D.D. Mann. D.S. Jayas. N.D.G. White. W.E. Muir and M.S. Evans
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 39 (1997)

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Description: Stored grain is susceptible to invasion by pests or infection by fungi, either of which has the potential to cause economic losses. Researchers have developed improved management techniques, but these new strategies must be made available to farmers and grain storage managers. This paper discusses the development, capabilities, and testing of an expert system, the Grain Storage Information System (GSIS), developed to transfer information to western Canadian fanners and grain storage managers. Much of the information used in the GSIS was gathered from the published literature. The current prototype is capable of teaching users why certain actions are more likely to be successful than others. Teaching rather than simply dictating instructions should help the users gain confidence in the program, allowing it to be used to its full potential. The GSIS functions well as a teaching tool, although it requires field testing.

Citation: D.D. Mann. D.S. Jayas. N.D.G. White. W.E. Muir and M.S. Evans 1997. A GRAIN STORAGE INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR CANADIAN FARMERS AND GRAIN STORAGE MANAGERS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 39(1):49-56.
Volume: 39
Issue: 1
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Date: 1997
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