Authors: Dodds, M.E.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 7 (1965)

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Description: The grain loader, which is used extensively on farms for treating seed grain, was included in previous tests of farm type seed treaters (1), and the efficiency of fungicide application and uniformity of distribution were determined. These tests did not consider either the possible limitations of this equipment as to capacity during the treating process, or the effect of auger flight speed (rpm) on the quality of the treatment. Grain flow through a loader is seldom regulated to a known bushel-per-hour rate during farm seed treating operations, and since the loader itself does not pro vide a method for regulation, the ac curate application of fungicide is possible only if some device is used to dispense a known quantity of grain within a time limit. Tests were con ducted to determine at what rates of grain flow and at what auger speed the grain loader was most efficient as a seed treater. The untreated grain was held in a hopper, and the grain flow, in bushels per hour, was varied by adjusting a calibrated orifice in the hopper bottom. A 6-inch grain loader, 10 feet long, powered by a 1-hp, 1750-rpm electric motor, was used to mix a liquid mercury fungicide of low volatility with the seed grain. The auger speed was varied by using four pulleys of different sizes on the auger shaft which gave speeds of 365, 445, 565 and 780 rpm under load. The fungicide was applied at the recommended rate of % ounce per bushel, the correct volume being affected during any one test by a constant level reservoir. Wheat and barley were used as test grains. The arrangement of the equipment is shown in figure 1.

Keywords: seed treatment with the grain loader
Citation: Dodds, M.E. 1965. SEED TREATMENT WITH THE GRAIN LOADER. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 7(1):55-56.
Volume: 7
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Date: 1965
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