Authors: Murray, J.M.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 7 (1965)

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Description: The development, conservation and use of the water supplies of the arid regions of the world have become of increasing importance in recent years. In many areas of the world, water development is already equal to or greater than the available supplies with consequent problems to people and industry who rely on the water resources. On the Canadian Prairies the rate of development of industry and population has not yet placed a serious burden on the water resources and careful planning in their development and use can still prevent many of the problems encountered in other parts of the world. At the present time a number of governmental agencies, educational organizations and private firms are involved in various aspects of the development of water resources in Saskatchewan. Much of the work done by these groups is undertaken without consideration of the effect it will have on overall re sources and without consultation with other groups who might benefit from or provide assistance to such pro grams. This has led to the conclusion that some means of providing co ordination in hydrologic programs undertaken by various agencies was a necessity so that information from research and practical programs would be readily available to all concerned. It has also become increasingly apparent that there is a lack of properly trained personnel to meet the requirements of the various agencies involved in hydrologic studies. While training in specific areas of hydrology has been available in a number of colleges and departments at the University of Saskatchewan very few students have taken advantage of inter disciplinary studies to obtain a broad training in hydrology. This has resulted in an increasing need for

Keywords: water studies in saskatchewan
Citation: Murray, J.M. 1965. WATER STUDIES IN Saskatchewan . Canadian Agricultural Engineering 7(1):34-36.
Volume: 7
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Date: 1965
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