Authors: Gray, D.M. And M. Ahmed
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 7 (1965)

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Description: In surface irrigation by flooding, two general methods are used un controlled flooding or controlled flooding. In irrigating by uncontrolled flooding or wild flooding, water is applied to an area which has undergone no prior land preparation. In most cases, this unsystematic method produces inefficient irrigation. Low spots in a field are over-irrigated whereas high areas are under-irrigated. In the controlled flooding methods, pre-determined rates and quantities of water are applied to areas which have been prepared for irrigation. Such methods include, for example, border dyke, border ditch and border check systems. For proper design of these systems, the size of the stream is balanced against the intake rate of the soil, the depth of water to be stored in the root zone and the area to be covered by the stream. With the completion of the South Saskatchewan Dam, it is expected that the irrigated acreage in the province will increase substantially. Further, it is expected that most of the new area coming under irrigation will be irrigated by some surface irrigation method, in particular, the border dyke method. As a result, a comprehensive study on some of the existing border dyke systems in the province has been instigated with the specific purpose to obtain information from these systems which may serve as de sign criteria. This paper concerns the application of the rational approach based on the law of conservation of mass for evaluating data collected from existing systems and for design of new systems.

Keywords: rational approach applied to the design of border dyke systems
Citation: Gray, D.M. and M. Ahmed 1965. RATIONAL APPROACH APPLIED TO THE DESIGN OF BORDER DYKE SYSTEMS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 7(1):30-33.
Volume: 7
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Date: 1965
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