Authors: Collins, S.H. And Paul K.K. Yin
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 7 (1965)

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Description: The flow of granular materials under gravity has been investigated by many workers because of its wide spread occurrence in agricultural and industrial handling systems. The most complete theoretical studies of the stress and velocity fields have been made by jenike and his co-workers, (3, 4) who included the effects of cohesion in the granular mass. The vertical compressive stresses in a silo filled with a cohesionless material have been studied by Janssen (quoted by Ketchum (5)), Jaky (2), and Barre (1). The rate of discharge of granules through an orifice in the bottom ol a bin has been the subject of several papers. That of Rose and Tanaka (7) is an example. The purpose of the present research is to provide, eventually, a complete quantitative description of the velocity fields in flowing cohesionless grain for at least one particular set of boundary conditions. This paper will give only the first qualitative observations that have been made, and will describe the effects that will have to be dealt with in the theoretical treatment.

Keywords: a model study of the bin flow of dry grain
Citation: Collins, S.H. and Paul K.K. Yin 1965. A MODEL STUDY OF THE BIN FLOW OF DRY GRAIN . Canadian Agricultural Engineering 7(1):14-16.
Volume: 7
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Date: 1965
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