Authors: Bellman, E. And F.H. Theakston
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 7 (1965)

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Description: Ever since farming began in the more Northerly latitudes of North America, farmers have been faced with the winter time problem of wind and snow. Snow-blocked roads and laneways have always been accepted by rural dwellers as a normal part of the price that must be paid for living in this region of the world during the winter months. In recent years, the loose-housing system of livestock housing has gained wide acceptance, particularly with respect to the housing of beef and dairy cattle. This system centres around the use of open front buildings which serve as protection for the cattle from the severe phases of the weather. Two essential parts of this system are the bedded or resting area and the outside exercise yard. If these two areas are to function properly, they must be kept relatively free of both wind and snow during the winter season. Several re search projects have supported the observations of practical experience and have shown that cattle comfort, and their feed efficiency, while being affected to only a minor degree by lower temperatures, are affected to a very major degree by drafts and dampness. This, then, points out the importance of keeping wind or drafts to a minimum in both the yard and open front buildings. In addition, snow must be kept out of the bedded area if the cattle are to remain clean and dry. Snow control with respect to the outside yard is equally important from two standpoints: (a) feeding operations in the yards can be greatly hampered by drifting snow (b) the greater the amount of snow build-up in the yard, the greater the problem of trying to keep the yard relatively clean and dry during the spring thaw period.

Keywords: artificial snow and wind barriers around open-front livestock
Citation: Bellman, E. and F.H. Theakston 1965. ARTIFICIAL SNOW AND WIND BARRIERS AROUND OPEN-FRONT LIVESTOCK. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 7(1):1-4.
Volume: 7
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Date: 1965
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