Authors: Mchardy, F. V.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 8 (1966)

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Description: The size (capacity) of field machines is a function of the scale (or size) of operation and the number of hours or days of time over which the operation may be porformed (1). The number of hours or days is in turn a function of the weather. The selection of machine size then becomes a statistical problem. When the capital cost of a machine is added to the penalties for late completion or non-completion of an operation, the problem is one of optimizing a complex relationship involving a probability distribution that is unlikely to coincide with one of the familiar examples. The problem of a field operation may be visualized as a number of acres lining up to be passed through a gate (the machine) where the gate is con trolled (turned on and off) by the weather. The operation is then a queuing or waiting line problem. The Monte Carlo technique for simulated sampling offers a method of solving queuing problems of this type.

Keywords: a method for sizing farm machines for weather dependent operations
Citation: McHardy, F. V. 1966. A METHOD FOR SIZING FARM MACHINES FOR WEATHER DEPENDENT OPERATIONS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 8(1):26-27.
Volume: 8
Issue: 1
Pages 26 - 27
Date: 1966
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Coverage: Canada
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