Authors: Ogilvie, J. R.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 9 (1967)

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Description: Sufficient animal heat is produced in most animal shelters at normal stocking rates to maintain desired temperatures within the shelter. The heat production, however, is in the form of both sensible and latent heat. The moisture associated with the latent heat and that evaporated from floor surfaces must be re moved from the shelter. Normal practice has been to draw out quantities of the humid shelter air and allow equal amounts of outdoor air to enter the shelter. If the desired shelter temperature and humidity are to be maintained, sufficient heat must be available to warm the incoming air. In this climate continuous low temperatures exist often enough that the requirements of heat for loss through the building components and for warming incoming air exceed the sensible heat available from animals, lights and motors. Since the heat available within the shelter has been transferred to the shelter air, it is hoped that an air to air heat exchanger might recover much of the available heat from any exhaust air and transfer this heat to the incoming fresh air. Condensation of the moisture in the exhaust air might release heat to the incoming air through the walls of the heat exchanger without allowing the moisture to enter the incoming air. This investigation considers the heat transfer, air flow and flow resistance characteristics of one type of air to air heat exchanger. Equipment developed as a result of this and subsequent investigations in the same area may allow for maintenance of optimum temperature and humidity conditions within the animal shelter without the use of supplemental heat from hydrocarbon fuel or electricity.

Keywords: a heat exchanger for livestock shelters
Citation: Ogilvie, J. R. 1967. A HEAT EXCHANGER FOR LIVESTOCK SHELTERS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 9(1):31-32.
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
Pages 31 - 32
Date: 1967
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Coverage: Canada
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