Authors: Henry, G. M. And G. C. Zoerb
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 9 (1967)

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Description: The Canadian farmer spends a large percentage of his working time operating agricultural tractors and equipment such as combines and wind rowers. Furthermore, as the trend to larger farms and larger equipment continues, the number of hours spent on any one machine will increase in order to make the most economical use of the more expensive large machines. The environmental conditions which must be endured by the farm operator during seeding, summer fallowing and harvesting are extreme. The operator is subjected to extreme temperatures, severe dust conditions, wind, solar radiation and dangerously high sound levels. In addition, despite recent improvement in tractor seat design the operator is also exposed to consider able vibration in high speed tractor operations. Once considered to be unnecessary luxuries, cabs are now coming into widespread use for tractors and self propelled combines. Research and development of these cabs and air conditioning devices for the cabs has advanced rapidly. On the other hand, the great demand placed on tractor cab manufacturers has resulted in some poor quality cabs of inadequate design. This situation is combined with the disadvantage that tractor manufacturers have only recently designed the opera tor platform to accommodate a cab.

Keywords: environmental control of cabs for operator comfort
Citation: Henry, G. M. and G. C. Zoerb 1967. ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL OF CABS FOR OPERATOR COMFORT. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 9(1):12-16.
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
Pages 12 - 16
Date: 1967
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Coverage: Canada
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