Authors: Dickinson, W. T.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 10 (1968)

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Description: In areas where rock is readily avail able, riprap can be a very adequate and economical method of streambank stabilization. The size of rock required for bank projects has commonly been based on the experience of persons involved in erosion control. Gross overdesign has often been employed to avoid the difficulties associated with estimating stable rock size. Although success has increased with experience, it is always subject to uncertainty under new and varied conditions. Further, it is desirable to strive for optimum rather than overly conservative designs. In recent years, several criteria have been developed for direct application in riprap design. At first glance, the various methods would appear to yield widely different de signs and would seem inapplicable in many instances. In this paper, a number of the available criteria are re viewed and compared in tight of their potential application on streams in Southern Ontario. Such a comparison helps to reveal the utility of the various approaches.

Keywords: design of rock rip rap for streambank stabilization
Citation: Dickinson, W. T. 1968. DESIGN OF ROCK RIP RAP FOR STREAMBANK STABILIZATION. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 10(2):77-82.
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Pages 77 - 82
Date: 1968
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Coverage: Canada
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