Authors: Norris, E. R. And W. K. Bilanski
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 11 (1969)

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Description: Since the harvesting of forage al ways involves some mechanical action on the forage material, a knowledge of the mechanical proper ties of forage materials is necessary in the design of forage machinery. Prince et al. (4) state that cutting in a conventional mower occurs by a combination of crushing and tearing rather than by direct shear. This indicates that the tensile properties of forage materials are of importance. Prince (3) reports values of 35 microinches per inch (average) for ultimate strain and 4434 psi (aver age) for ultimate stress of air-dry alfalfa stems. Halyk et al. (2) report values of ultimate stress of alfalfa stems ranging from 1260 to 5240 psi with moisture content and dry matter density accounting for 80% of the variability in the results. This is a report of a study to determine the tensile strength, tensile modulus of elasticity and tensile breaking energy of alfalfa stems and to determine the relationship of these parameters to other physical proper ties of the stem material.

Keywords: tensile properties of alfalfa stems
Citation: Norris, E. R. and W. K. Bilanski 1969. TENSILE PROPERTIES OF ALFALFA STEMS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 11(1):14-15.
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
Pages 14 - 15
Date: 1969
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Coverage: Canada
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