Authors: Moysey, E. B.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 11 (1969)

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Description: Grain drying on the farm is not widely practised by farmers in Western Canada. Fall weather conditions are usually such that the crop can be threshed dry with little loss due to rain. In some years use of a grain dryer would permit earlier harvest with consequent better grade and yield. In occasional years conditions are very unfavorable. For example, in 1959 some 40 million bushels of the prairie grain crop were shipped to terminal elevators for drying. Farmers were otherwise able to handle an estimated 15 million bushels. A large portion of the crop was simply not harvested that fall because facilities were not available for drying. Most farmers feel that they cannot justify the cost of a large heated air machine for the occasional emergency year. It has been shown (3) that a reasonable amount of drying can be accomplished most years with a low cost unheated air drying system. However, this type of system will not provide sufficient drying capacity for the occasional years of very unfavorable conditions. A grain aeration and cooling system which would prevent spoilage of damp grain would appear to be an alternative solution which should be explored.

Keywords: refrigeration of damp grain with natural air
Citation: Moysey, E. B. 1969. REFRIGERATION OF DAMP GRAIN WITH NATURAL AIR. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 11(1):12-13.
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
Pages 12 - 13
Date: 1969
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Coverage: Canada
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