Authors: S. Grabowski and H.S. Ramaswamy
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 40 (1988)

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Description: The residence time distribution (RTD) of individual food particles in the curved section (180°) of a holding tube of an aseptic processing simulator was investigated. Process variables were the radius ofcurvature (R=O.I and 0.2 m) ofthe bend, type, size and shape of the food particles and type of carrier liquid (water or pectin solutions). The results obtained by a videotaping technique indicated that the linear velocity of food particles in the curved section (bend) was reduced from about 8% (R=0.2 m) to about 15% (R=O.I m) in comparison to the velocity in the straight section. Particle size and shape, and viscosity of the carrier liquid influenced the velocity of the food particle in the curved section, but only the shape effect was similar to that in straight part of the tube.

Citation: S. Grabowski and H.S. Ramaswamy 1998. BEND-EFFECTS ON THE RESIDENCE TIME DISTRIBUTION OF SOUD FOOD PARTICLES IN A HOLDING TUBE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 40(2):121-126.
Volume: 40
Issue: 2
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Date: 1998
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