Authors: M. Lukasiewicz. D.S. Jayas, W.E. Muir and N.D.G. White
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 41 (1999)

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Description: Laboratory experiments were conducted to quantify the leakage of carbon dioxide (C02) through samples of wall seams of bolted-metal bins by determining pressure decay times and CO2 retention rates from a sealed container. Samples of vertical and horizontal seams of a typical grain bin were tested with different methods of sealing and a range of initial CO2 concentrations. The performances of vertical seams sealed with a single or double rows of butyl caulking were similar, but they were significantly different from uncaulked horizontal seams. An additional protective coating of a flexible membrane resin was not effective when other caulking had been applied previously but was effective when no caulking was used. Pressure decay times were not affected by initial CO2 concentrations in the bin, but CO2 retention coefficients were lower for higher concentrations. Pressure decay times were shorter and CO2 retention coefficients were lower in containers filled with grain than in empty ones.

Citation: M. Lukasiewicz. D.S. Jayas, W.E. Muir and N.D.G. White 1999. GAS LEAKAGE THROUGH SAMPLES OF WALL SEAMS OF BOLTED-METAL BINS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 41(1):65-71.
Volume: 41
Issue: 1
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Date: 1999
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