Authors: Staley, L.M., Roberts, C. W. And S. Paulson
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 12 (1970)

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Description: Many studies have been published on housing design and on heat and moisture control for what are thought to be optimum conditions for poultry. Some of the most extensive work particularly in regard to broilers has been done by Longhouse et ala at Beltsville, Maryland and by Howes and Grub (1) at Auburn University, Alabama. Questions concerning the influence of uniform temperature versus fluctuating temperature, or the relationship between temperature and relative humidity on production are not fully explored. Roberts (2) showed that environment was a significant factor in the early growth of the chicken and Staley et al (3) found that accurate environmental control was essential in studying the early growth phase. This need for more accurate control led to a program for controlling poultry environment. The initial phase was the development of a poultry environmental chamber at the University of British Columbia that provided for control of air temperature, relative humidity, thermal radiation, air velocity, and light intensity. Details of the design and development of this environmental facility were reported by Staley and Roberts (4). This paper reports on the results of the first six experiments on controlled environments for poultry.

Keywords: improved growth of poultry utilizing controlled environments
Citation: Staley, L.M., Roberts, C. W. and S. Paulson 1970. IMPROVED GROWTH OF POULTRY UTILIZING CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 12(2):76-79.
Volume: 12
Issue: 2
Pages 76 - 79
Date: 1970
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Coverage: Canada
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