Authors: Misener, G.C., Kemp, J.G. And W.S. Roach
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 12 (1970)

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Description: In the last decade, New Brunswick has seen a dramatic change in its potato harvesting operation from a digger system to a harvester system. This change was late in coming because of the inability of earlier designed harvesters to withstand the severe abuse inflicted by the heavily stone-infested fields and to successfully separate the stones lifted with the potatoes. By the early sixties, improved two-row harvesters equipped with inclined conveyors which aided sorting crews to separate stones from potatoes had been successfully introduced. In the mid-sixties, harvesters equipped with an air device for stone separation, which reduced the sorting crew from 6-8 to 2-3 persons, appeared in the fields (Figures 1 and 2). Mechanical damage to potatoes occurs during the harvesting and the associated potato storage handling operations. Mechanical injury is an important factor contributing to reduced yields of market able potatoes. The damaged areas serve as openings for rot organisms which can destroy potatoes in storage. The damaged potatoes have to be sorted out before sale. Hesen (2) reported that the digging depth, speed of forward travel, and the speed of the moving parts of the harvester affected the amount of mechanical injury to the potatoes. Green (1) found that an increase in chain speed tended to increase damage by shaking the soil through the web and thereby exposing the potatoes to the bare metal, and also by the increase in intensity of the shaking action. Abrahamsa reported that the average

Keywords: factors influencing potato damage during harvesting in stony fields
Citation: Misener, G.C., Kemp, J.G. and W.S. Roach 1970. FACTORS INFLUENCING POTATO DAMAGE DURING HARVESTING IN STONY FIELDS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 12(2):71-75.
Volume: 12
Issue: 2
Pages 71 - 75
Date: 1970
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Coverage: Canada
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