Authors: Broughton, R.S.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 12 (1970)

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Description: While no one knows the details of what the future will hold, professional persons must always be willing to make plans and estimates for the years ahead. In doing so, we should not be too introverted in our outlook. This paper should not be treated as a prophecy but as a grouping of estimates and thoughts based on observations and trends over the recent years. CHALLENGES FACING AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING While the population explosion affects all aspects of society from medicine through transportation to housing, schools, welfare services, etc., its associated aspect of requirements for greater food production, storage and transportation are of special concern to the Agricultural Engineer. The revolution of rising expectations (3) is also of special interest to the Agricultural Engineer. With developments in urbanization and welfare-statism in many countries, many people would rather be unemployed than work at some of the more menial jobs in industry and in food production. Thus, Agricultural Engineers are challenged to mechanize farther the planting, tillage and harvesting of all crops. In the United States and Canada the acreages of fruit and vegetable crops which have gone unharvested from the lack of harvest workers in the last five years has in creased very markedly3. It appears that unless we can harvest strawberries mechanically by 1980, they will no longer be grown in Canada and the United States. Similar statements could be made for other tender fruit and vegetable crops. The same trend is underway in tropical countries.

Keywords: education in the seventies for agricultural engineering
Citation: Broughton, R.S. 1970. EDUCATION IN THE SEVENTIES FOR AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 12(2):58-60.
Volume: 12
Issue: 2
Pages 58 - 60
Date: 1970
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