Authors: J. Agnew, C. Lague, J. Schoenau, J. Feddes And H. Guo
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 52 (2010)

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Description: Land application of manure constitutes an effective means of recycling manurenutrients to the soil. However, odours fromm anure application. activities can hinder the expansion of the livestock industry because of the potential nuisance to neighbours. The objective ofthis study was to assess the efficiency of subsurface application at reducing odours fromboth solid and liquidmanure applications.Flux chambers and dynamic dilution olfactometry were used to assess odours fromtwo manure types (solid and liquid) applied atfour application rates using surface and subsurface application methods. The results of the study indicated that odour concentrationsfromsubsurface application plots were up to 66% (37% on average) lower than concentrations fromplots where themanure was surface applied. Subsurface application seemed to have a larger impact on reducing odours from solid manure thanliquid manure, mainly due to better manure coverage after. subsurface application of solid manure. Odours from solid manure applications measured immediately after applicationwere also 37% lower than fromliquid manure applications. In general, odours fromliquid and solid manure increased withhigher application rates, but there was little difference among the low, mid, and high application rates. Based on the results of thisstudy, subsurface application of manure is an effective way to reduce the overall odour emissions from manure spreading,particularly for solid manure.

Keywords: odour emissions, liquid manure, solid manure, surface application, injection
Citation: Agnew, J., C. Lague¨ , J. Schoenau, J. Feddes and H. Guo. 2010. Effect of manure type, application rate, and application method onodours from manure spreading. Canadian Biosystems Engineering/ Le génie des biosystèmes au Canada. 52: 6.19-6.29
Volume: 52
Issue: 6
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Date: 2011-02-11
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