Authors: Witz, Richard L. And G.L. Pratt
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 13 (1971)

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Description: Beef confinement housing for climates of the Northern Great Plains offers potential for control of environment within the structure as well as control of contamination of the atmosphere and surface water near the building. To make this type of housing feasible, studies were needed to develop improved feed handling systems, manure disposal facilities, and ventilation equipment. Pilot studies were initiated in 1969 using a research housing facility for three feeder calves. Later that same year a facility (Figures 1 and 2) housing two lots of 20 feeder calves each was put into service. The east half of the structure was designed to simulate facilities commonly in use, and the west half provided a unit suitable for developing and testing new manure handling and ventilation equipment. The building is insulated with 4-inch glass-wool insulation. The inside is metal lined and the outside covering is plywood.

Keywords: experimental facilities for studies on beef housing and equipment
Citation: Witz, Richard L. and G.L. Pratt 1971. EXPERIMENTAL FACILITIES FOR STUDIES ON BEEF HOUSING AND EQUIPMENT. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 13(2):81-84.
Volume: 13
Issue: 2
Pages 81 - 84
Date: 1971
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Coverage: Canada
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