Authors: Feldman, M. And F.R. Hore
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 13 (1971)

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Description: Odour nuisance during land spreading of liquid manure is a growing problem to many Canadian livestock producers whose crop land is close to built-up rural and urban areas. Indeed the control of liquid manure odours during spreading is becoming vital to the continued operation of some producers as society presses for the enforcement of existing air pollution legislation and the introduction of new restrictive regulations. Investigations to solve this air pollution problem are taking two different approaches: aeration treat for odour control prior to land disposal, and rapid soil-cover for odour control during land disposal. The latter approach was pursued at Ottawa where work has been done with both soil injection of liquid manure and burial by a moldboard plow. The major emphasis was placed on a high capacity, rapid plow-cover system of land disposal.This paper describes the development and performance of this system which is now in exclusive use at the Canada Department of Agriculture Animal Research Institute (A.R.I.) Greenbelt farm adjacent to the city of Ottawa. The A.R.I. farm, with its adequate acreage of crop land, provided the opportunity to develop the plow-down system. A ready source of liquid manure was available and the odour due to conventional spread ing has been a nuisance to the nearby urban populace.

Keywords: a plow-down method for rapid cover of liquid manure
Citation: Feldman, M. and F.R. Hore 1971. A PLOW-DOWN METHOD FOR RAPID COVER OF LIQUID MANURE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 13(2):65-68.
Volume: 13
Issue: 2
Pages 65 - 68
Date: 1971
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Coverage: Canada
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