Authors: Bell, R.G. And J. Pos
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 13 (1971)

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Description: Major manure disposal problems have usually accompanied the intensification of livestock and poultry production. Even when sufficient land is available for manure disposal there still remains the question of manure storage during those periods when land application is impractical or inadvisable. As urbanization encroaches upon agricultural areas the manure storage regulations are becoming stricter and social pressures have caused them to be more often enforced. 3roiler manure is perhaps the least offensive poultry waste. How ever, even this material when wetted becomes a source of foul odours and a locus for fly proliferation. To remain acceptable broiler manure must be either kept dry or converted into a stable form which will not degenerate during storage. The end product of the aerobic, thermophilic, decomposition process known as composting exhibits those properties necessary for prolonged nuisance free storage. With this object in mind a composting unit was constructed in which to convert broiler manure into a stable compost.

Keywords: winter high rate composting of broiler manure
Citation: Bell, R.G. and J. Pos 1971. WINTER HIGH RATE COMPOSTING OF BROILER MANURE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 13(2):60-64.
Volume: 13
Issue: 2
Pages 60 - 64
Date: 1971
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Coverage: Canada
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