Authors: Campbell, W.D. And J.B. Mcquitty
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 13 (1971)

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Description: Weather influences many aspects of agricultural production. It directly affects many physical operations in farming and significantly increases the realm of uncertainty, making farm decision-making most complex. The rate and efficiency of harvesting cereal grains are very dependent of weather conditions. Due to the wide fluctuations in weather, sizing machines and selecting best methods of harvesting are difficult tasks.The primary objective of a recent investigation (1) was to develop accurate models of accepted harvesting systems by incorporating the effects of weather, previous growing conditions and machine operation into the models. The complexity of climatic, biological and machine interactions during harvest was analyzed by using digital computer simulation models (4,8,10). By using simulation techniques, the stochastic nature of many of the parameters involved in harvesting operations may be included in the models. In constructing a harvest simulation model, it is necessary to identify and quantify as many variables as possible and then make the decision as to which will contribute significantly to the performance of the model.

Keywords: harvest simulation
Citation: Campbell, W.D. and J.B. McQuitty 1971. HARVEST SIMULATION. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 13(2):51-55.
Volume: 13
Issue: 2
Pages 51 - 55
Date: 1971
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Coverage: Canada
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