Authors: Akbari, M., S. Jain, A. Kumar
Identifier: CSBE15059
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Published in: CSBE-SCGAB Technical Conferences » AGM Edmonton 2015

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Description: In the process of paper manufacturing from pulp, high energy content and value added byproducts such as hemicellulosic fraction, lignin and black liquor are produced. Large portions of these by-products are consumed by the pulp and paper industry worldwide in conventional recovery boilers for recovery of energy and inorganic chemicals. Being a limited resource, biomass must be used as efficiently as possible. Black liquor gasification can be used for production of synthesis gas. This gas from gasifiers can be utilized for the production of energy or converted into liquid fuels using catalytic synthesis technologies that are already commercially established today in the gas-to-liquids or coal-to-liquids industries. This study describes the results of a comprehensive techno-economic assessment of the integration of black liquor gasification with Kraft pulp mills. The final outcome of the research will include the cost of production of fuels and other products from black liquor.

Keywords: Black liquor, gasification, pulp mills, biomass residue
Citation: Akbari, M., S. Jain, A. Kumar. 2015. Black liquor gasification based integration of Kraft pulp mill of Alberta. CSBE/SCGAB 2015 Annual Conference, Edmonton, AB, 5-8 July 2015.
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Date: 2015-07-05
Technical field: Renewable Energy
Conference name: CSBE/SCGAB 2015 Annual Conference, Edmonton, AB, 5-8 July 2015.
Session name: Bioenergy III - Combustion, Gasification and Co-firing

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