Authors: Mcquitty, J.B., Rutledge, P.L. And A.D. Howes
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 14 (1972)

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Description: The practice of total confinement of beef cattle as an alternative to the open feedlot has generated a considerable volume of literature on the subject over the past decade. An appreciable portion of this, however, is of a subjective nature. Earlier reports, as noted for example by McFarlane (8) and Turnbull (12), often were limited to discussions of techniques and management relating to different systems of total confinement. In recent years, a more analytical approach to the subject has been apparent but comparisons based on animal performance between these alternative systems of housing and open feedlots are difficult to make. Maddexa suggests that this is due to the objectives of the projects and the background of the researchers involved. Furthermore, there are management, feeding, and climatic variables existing between countries and regions from which studies have been reported, and these differences require careful interpretation if valid comparisons are to be made.

Keywords: beef cattle performance in total confinement and open feedlot
Citation: McQuitty, J.B., Rutledge, P.L. and A.D. Howes 1972. BEEF CATTLE PERFORMANCE IN TOTAL CONFINEMENT AND OPEN FEEDLOT. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 14(2):63-68.
Volume: 14
Issue: 2
Pages 63 - 68
Date: 1972
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Coverage: Canada
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