Authors: Munroe, J.A. And E.B. Moysey
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 14 (1972)

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Description: The major proportion of grain harvested each year on the Canadian prairies must be stored on the farm, for a few months at least. During recent years there has been a trend toward the use of circular bins of steel and plywood, but a significant quantity still is stored in rectangular bins of wood-frame construction. Tie rods are normally used in bins of this type to relieve the load on the studs. The size and spacing of tie rods used are highly variable and frequently bear little relation to good engineering practice. However, it is not a simple matter to establish the optimum spacing of tie rods, particularly for larger bins where two or more rows of ties are used. First, the structure is statically indeterminate and second, the pressure against the bin wall is not predictable to a high degree of accuracy. The purpose of the study reported here was to develop a method of analyzing as an indeterminate structure, a grain bin wall supported by one or more tie rods. Design data required from this analysis would include reactions at the top and bottom of the wall and at the tie rods, along with the magnitude and distribution of shear forces and bending moments in the wall. This could be done longhand for a particular bin with specific tie rod locations but to do so for a variety of tie locations to optimize the design becomes extremely tedious. If the effect of parameters, such as bin shape and angle of repose, on shear and moment distribution are added, it is obvious that the services of a computer are required. Numerous studies have been made of pressures on grain bin walls with some variation in results reported. The method of analysis was therefore made flexible so that any magnitude or distribution of grain pressure could be inserted with minimal effort.

Keywords: computer analysis of forces in grain bins with multiple tie rods
Citation: Munroe, J.A. and E.B. Moysey 1972. COMPUTER ANALYSIS OF FORCES IN GRAIN BINS WITH MULTIPLE TIE RODS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 14(2):52-55.
Volume: 14
Issue: 2
Pages 52 - 55
Date: 1972
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Coverage: Canada
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