Authors: Baier, Wolfgang
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 15 (1973)

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Description: Synthesized agrometeorological data are often more useful than the basic climatic data used to derive such elements as evapotranspiration and soil moisture. This is especially the case where physical and biological processes, such as plant growth and development of crops, are being simulated and interpreted. Basic climatic data have been collected and provided by the Atmospheric Environment Service (AES) (formerly Canadian Meteorological Service) for approximately 1,000 stations across Canada for at least 30 yr. Sythesized agrometeorological data have been employed in studies pertaining to agricultural water needs, soil-climate interpretations, plant zonation, potential crop yield assessments, and land use evaluations. Sythesized soil moisture data from the Versatile Soil Moisture Budget (2), or similar climatological techniques, are especially useful in studies of weather conditions in relation to soil cultivation, planting, and harvest operations. Although there is also an obvious need for this type of information in agricultural engineering, there are few reported analyses of this kind to exploit the vast amount of climatic data through the use of such techniques. Rutledge and McHardy (7) used a simplified version of the Versatile Budget for estimating work and non-workday probabilities for seven stations in Alberta with medium to heavy soils and sandy soils. They assumed a 4-inch (10.2-cm) soil moisture storage capacity distributed over the six zones of the Versatile Budget (5). They recommended as criteria for a nonworkday an estimated soil moisture content in excess of 95% of field capacity in any of the three upper zones. However, the inclusion of three zones was justified only in medium or heavy soils (loam or silty clay loam). In sandy soils, only two zones warranted consideration.

Keywords: estimation of field workdays in canada from the versatile soil moisture budget
Citation: Baier, Wolfgang 1973. ESTIMATION OF FIELD WORKDAYS IN Canada FROM THE VERSATILE SOIL MOISTURE BUDGET. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 15(2):84-87.
Volume: 15
Issue: 2
Pages 84 - 87
Date: 1973
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Coverage: Canada
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