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Published in: CSBE-SCGAB Technical Conferences » AGM Halifax 2016

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Description: Ingenuity Lab is engineering a set of artificial tools to convert carbon dioxide emissions into high value-added chemicals by mimicking the Calvin Cycle process occurring in plant cells. The technology being developed at Ingenuity Lab utilizes only carbon dioxide, light and electricity in reactions, conducted within custom design reactors in order to optimize reaction kinetics, separation and product yields. This process is being designed as a cascade of bioreactors allowing for the tailoring of reactor conditions for optimal enzyme activity. The enzymes are to be immobilized which has been shown to significantly increase the stability and reusability of the enzymes and consequently simplify the separation process. A cell free, artificial photosynthesis platform has been engeineered by creating a Ranaspumin foam architecture with nanoscale photophosphorylation system. The required co-factors including ATP and NADH for the designed artificial photosynthesis platform are being regenerated in separate vessels. ATP regeneration is accomplished by employing bacteriorhodopsin(BR)-F1F0 ATP synthase proteopolymersomes, while the reduction of NAD+ to NADH is done by a Platinum modified glassy carbon(GC) electrode in a separate electrochemical reactor. The platform is being developed in Ingenuity Lab directing photo-derived chemical energy into the singular purpose of carbon fixation and sugar synthesis, with chemical conversion efficiencies reaching to almost 96%.

Keywords: Artificial photosynthesis, Calvin Cycle enzymes, Nanotechnology
Citation: . 2016. Artificial Photosynthesis as a Novel Management Tool for Industrial Carbon Dioxide Emissions. CSBE/SCGAB 2016 Annual Conference, Halifax, 3-6 July 2016.
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Date: juil-16
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Conference name: CSBE/SCGAB 2016 Annual Conference, Halifax, 3-6 July 2016.
Session name: Session 4A: Bioenergy Conversion Technologies II

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