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Published in: CSBE-SCGAB Technical Conferences » AGM Halifax 2016

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Description: Densification of municipal solid waste is desired for developing a higher quality feedstock for conversion to biofuels and bioenergy. The compression and relaxation characteristics of municipal solid waste (MSW) refuse-derived-fuel (RDF) fluff were investigated with respect to biodegradable fraction, grind size, moisture content, applied load, and pelleting temperature. Experimental trials were performed by using a single pelleting unit mounted on an Instron universal testing machine. The material was provided by the Edmonton Waste Management centre and segregated into two materials: raw RDF-fluff, and the biodegradable fraction. Two grind sizes of each sample were prepared, 3.18 mm and 6.35 mm, and moisture contents were increased to 8%, 12%, and 16% w.b. The applied loads were set at 2 kN, 3kN, and 4 kN at two temperature settings, 50°C and 90°C. The experimental data for these trials was collected and multiple compression and relaxation models were fitted to the applied pressure-compact density or volume data. The Walker, Jones, Kawakita and Ludde, and Cooper-Eaton models have been used to analyze the compression characteristics of biomass materials. The Peleg and Moreyra model were used to analyze the relaxation properties of the compressed material and to determine the asymptotic modulus of the residual stress. Results and conclusions of these analyses will be presented in the final paper submission for the conference.

Keywords: densification, compaction, density, municipal solid waste, biofuels feedstock
Citation: . 2016. Compression and relaxation properties of municipal solid waste refuse-derived fuel fluff. CSBE/SCGAB 2016 Annual Conference, Halifax, 3-6 July 2016.
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Date: juil-16
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Conference name: CSBE/SCGAB 2016 Annual Conference, Halifax, 3-6 July 2016.
Session name: Poster Session (Best Student Poster Award)

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