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Published in: CSBE-SCGAB Technical Conferences » AGM Halifax 2016

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Description: The increasing prevalence to food allergies and the intake of packing foods in the past two decades urges the need for more rapid, accurate and sensitive assays to detect potential allergens in food in order to control the allergen content. Most of the commercial analytical tools for allergen detection rely on immunoassays such as ELISA. As disadvantages, ELISA can be time-consuming and expensive. Biosensors have appeared as innovative, sensitive, selective, less expensive, environmentally friendly and fast techniques for the detection of allergens. In this study, we have developed a microfluidic chip system integrated with an aptamer/quantum dots (QDs)-functionalized graphene oxide (GO) nano-biosensor for simple, rapid food allergen detection. The biosensor utilized aptamer/QDs complexes as molecular switches to undergo conformational change and release fluorescent label upon interaction with the flow of the food allergen, causing fluorescence changes via the fluorescence quenching and recovering property of GO when adsorbing and desorbing QDs-conjugated aptamers. This one-step ‘turn on’ assay in a ready-to use microfluidic device took ~15 min to achieve a quantitative detection of Ara h1, one of the major allergens appears of peanut. The results suggested this system had remarkable sensitivity and selectivity. The integration of microfluidics platform in a homemade miniaturized optical analyser provides a promising way for low-cost, rapid and accurate on-site determination of food allergens. This biosensor can also be extended to the detection of other food allergens with selection of corresponding aptamers.

Keywords: Aptamer, Graphene oxide, Quantum dot, Ara h1, Microfluidics
Citation: . 2016. Biosensor for Peanut Allergen Detection Using a Quencher System with Graphene Oxide and Aptamer-Functionalized Quantum Dots. CSBE/SCGAB 2016 Annual Conference, Halifax, 3-6 July 2016.
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Date: juil-16
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Conference name: CSBE/SCGAB 2016 Annual Conference, Halifax, 3-6 July 2016.
Session name: Session 1C: Information Technologies and Bio-instrumentation

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