Authors: Muir, W.E., Sinha, R.N. And H.A.H. Wallace
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 15 (1973)

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Description: In the Canadian Prairie Provinces, large, stocks of grain are stored on farms during years of surplus production. In some years most of the farmers, and in most years some farmers, do not have enough permanent granaries to store all the grain they produce. Because of the lack of storage space many farmers resort to grain storage units that can be constructed more easily and less expensively than more permanent storage units. In a recent survey, 1,517 or 60% of the 2,522 elevator agents in the three Prairie Provinces reported that temporary grain bins were in common use in their district during 1968-69 (R.N. Sinha unpublished). There are many different types of temporary bins and published recommendations on their design are contradictory. For example, in some instances, it is recommended that the bin be covered with a polyethylene sheet whereas in others it is recommended that the bin be left open. To obtain data on which practical recommendations could be based and to compare the storage stability of major cereals in various types of temporary grain bins that are presently in use, a study was made of the condition of grain stored in these bins on farms in Manitoba.

Keywords: abiotic and biotic characteristics of grain stored in temporary farm bins
Citation: Muir, W.E., Sinha, R.N. and H.A.H. Wallace 1973. ABIOTIC AND BIOTIC CHARACTERISTICS OF GRAIN STORED IN TEMPORARY FARM BINS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 15(1):35-42.
Volume: 15
Issue: 1
Pages 35 - 42
Date: 1973
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Coverage: Canada
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