Authors: Muir, W.E., Wallace, H.A.H. And W. Bushuk
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 15 (1973)

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Description: A considerable amount of stored grain is spoiled by the growth of insects, mites, and fungi in the grain. Elevator managers in the three Prairie Provinces reported that in 1968-69 there were 24,038 cases of hot spots and insect and mite infestations in grain stored on farms (5). Research carried out in many countries and thoroughly reviewed by Hyde and Burrell (3) shows that airtight storage has many advantages in the storing of both dry and damp grain. Airtight storage prevents the infestation and growth of insects and mites in dry grain. Airtight storage of damp grain retards or prevents the growth of aerobic fungi, insects, and mites but viability and baking quality deteriorate with time so that the grain can be used only for animal feed. The rate of deterioration of Canadian wheat stored in airtight containers at Canadian prairie temperatures has not been investigated. This article reports the results of such a study over a period of 44 wk using wheat of three moisture levels - 12.2, 17.7, and 21.6% (wet weight basis).

Keywords: condition of wheat stored in small airtight and open containers
Citation: Muir, W.E., Wallace, H.A.H. and W. Bushuk 1973. CONDITION OF WHEAT STORED IN SMALL AIRTIGHT AND OPEN CONTAINERS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 15(1):31-34.
Volume: 15
Issue: 1
Pages 31 - 34
Date: 1973
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Coverage: Canada
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