Authors: Chirnside, Aem, R Jorgensen, A Kiliszek
Identifier: CSBE12049
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Published in: CSBE-SCGAB Technical Conferences » AGM NABEC-CSBE Orillia 2012

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Description: Surface water quality within the Cool Run Experimental Watershed (UDEW) was monitored for nutrients, metals, and bacteria. The monitoring sites were located in the head waters of the Cool Run. These head waters are critical to watershed health and have been classified as impaired with nutrients, bacteria, sediments and other water quality stressors originating from urban, industrial and agricultural nonpoint pollution. In 2004, a Comprehensive Land Use Plan was developed for the farm which resulted in The Cool Run Wetland Restoration Project that designed and implemented improved nonpoint source BMPs to protect and restore water quality of the Cool Run and reduce total pollutant loads. By installing these BMPs and potentially additional management practices, the UD Farm expected to see an increase in overall stream health within the sub-watershed over time. Six monitoring sites were sampled monthly during base flow conditions. Storm samples were taken from 3 different locations several times during each season. The samples were monitored for 20 different parameters The goals of this project were to assess the changes in water quality after the implementation of the conservation practices within the sub-watershed and to compare surface water quality of the tributaries draining institutional and residential land use to those draining agricultural land uses. Statistical analysis of the data using SPSS was achieved in order to summarize the data, explore the relationships between the variables and to test the significance of the differences among the variables both temporally and spatially.

Keywords: water quality monitoring, agricultural watershed,
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Date: 2012
Technical field: technical_fields_app7
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Session name: Soil and water

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