Authors: Munroe, J.A. And E.B. Moysey
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 16 (1974)

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Description: Production of rapeseed has increased dramatically in recent years. There have also been sizable increases in the product ion of flaxseed and sunflowers although not as spectacular as for rapeseed. In some cases new structures have been built to store oilseeds more frequently, existing storages formerly used for cereal grains have been adapted for the purpose. Properties of grains that affect forces produced in storage structures vary considerably from one kind of grain to another. It has been common practice to design grain storages to hold wheat a structure strong enough to hold wheat will be more than strong enough for other cereal grains, but coefficients of friction in oilseeds are likely to be appreciably lower than in cereal grains and this could alter the patterns of forces and stresses in grain storage structures. Information on friction characteristics is also important in the design of materials-handling equipment.

Keywords: friction characteristics of rapeseed and flaxseed
Citation: Munroe, J.A. and E.B. Moysey 1974. FRICTION CHARACTERISTICS OF RAPESEED AND FLAXSEED. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 16(1):38-40.
Volume: 16
Issue: 1
Pages 38 - 40
Date: 1974
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Coverage: Canada
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