Authors: Raghavan, G.S. Vijaya And W.K. Bilanski
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 16 (1974)

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Description: Alfalfa has a unique place in the hay crop because of its high protein and carotene content (4). As the total hay loss in the United States averages 650 million dollars per year,a efforts are being made to minimize these losses. Farm crop losses that occur during harvest depend on the conditions of the crop at the time of harvest and on the type of machinery used for harvesting. An extensive review of the losses that occur in the field during drying is reported by Hall (3). Daum (2) reported on the factors affecting leaf shattering of hay during mechanical handling. His experiment was in two phases: (a) a determination of the tensile strength of the leaf petioles and (b) an analysis of the effects of impact, compression, and acceleration on leaf loss. Pederson and Buchele (9) indicated the existence of losses due to fermentation. They showed that the losses occur in the time interval between cutting and storing of hay. They further indicated that 90% of the transpired water leaves the plant through the stomata, while 10% passes through the water-resistant cuticle of the leaves and stems. Many others (5, 7, 8, 11) studied the properties of the stem only.

Keywords: effects of alfalfa stem-leaves moisture difference on leaf loss during harvest
Citation: Raghavan, G.S. Vijaya and W.K. Bilanski 1974. EFFECTS OF ALFALFA STEM-LEAVES MOISTURE DIFFERENCE ON LEAF LOSS DURING HARVEST. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 16(1):10-12.
Volume: 16
Issue: 1
Pages 10 - 12
Date: 1974
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Coverage: Canada
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