Authors: Misener, G.C. And M.L. Macdonald
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 17 (1975)

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Description: The maintenance of potatoes at temperatures conducive to good tuber quality is one of the major considerations of potato storage. During most of the storage period heat must be removed from the structure to maintain proper temperatures. The heat removed is mainly from two sources, the field heat of the potatoes and the heat of respiration. Other minor sources of heat include that which is transferred through the walls and roof, outside air infiltration, and miscellaneous sources such as electric motors, tractors and trucks. For satisfactory long-term storage, it is necessary that the storage environment be kept at critical levels of temperature and relative humidity (6, 7). However, when potatoes are first placed in storage it is well to stimulate wound healing of the tubers. This interval, 10-14 days, required for wound healing is known as the suberization period. Growth of the new skin or periderm is hastened when the potatoes are held at 20

Keywords: simulated moisture loss and cooling time for bulk potatoes
Citation: Misener, G.C. and M.L. MacDonald 1975. SIMULATED MOISTURE LOSS AND COOLING TIME FOR BULK POTATOES. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 17(2):72-74.
Volume: 17
Issue: 2
Pages 72 - 74
Date: 1975
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Coverage: Canada
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